Wednesday, 30 March 2011
1st ever behind-the-scene @ 02:35

Because wordpress is such a fuss ! we've decided to switch to blogger !!!
it is so much more user friendly (:

Our cover for the 6th collection !
we were deciding between both, and concluded that the 2nd pic is much better :)

All the lovely apparels, overload !

and yes, all the balloons you see, we bought it specially for the photoshoot !

the colours are so preetttty, cant stop snapping pictures !

love the snow white mesh skirt !

the next collection might be delayed due to our hectic fyp assignments ! 
but do keep checking back here for updates ! 


about us
you think you know me.

We are an online boutique based in Singapore. DecemberFlight started taking flight back in dec2010, we handpicked and source for apparels and accessories every fortnightly, catering to the teens and adult females in Singapore at affordable prices. DecemberFlight is slowly expanding our base to bring in more advance service and trendy apparels. Our apparels are mostly based on high street chic trends that we take reference from fashion magazines. We update our blog here with news/trends for all to read, occasionally, we also post a few behind-the-scenes to let you know what goes behind these beautiful pictures and styles ! We hope you like our items as much as we do, and we hope to serve you girls bigger and better in future. (:

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