Thursday, 28 July 2011
Want to win S$1000 + A laptop? Simply join Dell Blog & Win Contest and submit a simple blog entry! #DellINSPIRON @ 20:02

Want to win S$1000 + A laptop? Simply join Dell Blog & Win Contest and submit a simple blog entry! #DellINSPIRON

Monday, 4 July 2011
11 @ 09:37

our 11th  after a long hiatus !

Monday, 20 June 2011
Updates @ 07:54

hi girlies.

Apologies for the lack of updates! The decemberflight team has been occupied with their full time job and has minimal time for this space!!

Fret not, we are not gonna let the space die! just not yet !!

Our brandnew shoe preorder which we launched about 1 week ago is still ongoing and orders are sent every week ! the first batch orders has already been processed. ^^
If you wish to get supplies from us do email to !

++ our new leopard X design !! we love how its so strikinggg !!! and apologies due to large amt of orders, nude zip is out of stock ! we will choose the next closest colour of nude which is either orange/ or any closest colour i can get !
Will launch some cutesy leopard ribbons in the meantime !

& also, we will promise new collection this coming week !
So.... dont forget us ! follow us at twitter @decflight or !! alternately, join our mailinglist by sending your email to :D

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Sunday, 22 May 2011
nail tool + wallet clutch @ 09:08

Hi hi people. 
introducing this awesome nail tool that i found !

its a nail dotting tool and its super cheap !

comes in 2 side, 1 for dotting and 1 sharper end.

because my nails are too ugly to show, hahahaha. here are some pics which are done by the dotting tool.
 you can paint leopard prints zebra prints or whatever prints you like with this east tool ! and also the dotting part is meant for polka dot designs.

 It's so awesome i need to share with everyone ! quit using toothpic or chopsticks to do your nail, this is much easier ! Wanna get it ?  $7.90 MAILED only !! jus drop us a email at with the title: Nail tool will do !! :)

thinking of manufacturing this wallet ! its so pretty and very zara to me. LOL ! 

the top part can put a poloraid picture ! but might leave this part out if we really do manufacture ... ?

6 card compartments. 

and coin compartment ! 

what do you think ?? 
of course if we do manufacture, it will not come in just blue !
im tihnking green, red, orange, yellow, nude, black, all the awesome block colours that are trending currently ! ^^
drop us a comment if you want us to manufacture @ our new chatbox on the left side. 

Ps: our stamp has arrived and ready to use ! be prepare to see them on your parcels ! ^^



Monday, 9 May 2011

hey everyone. collection 8 has already launched for some time... have you shopped yet ?

meanwhile, we have also unofficially launched the furry leopard pouch ! Decflight's first self manufactured product ! although it does not have our own label, but it is definitely handmade with love ! 
we r loving it and of course we saved 1 for ourselves !! Looooveee, furry material X animal prints ! 

2 more cute colours coming up !
teddybear brown and goldbrown !

currently only the leopard prints one is launched in our FB.
If you cant wait for the official launch, you can email us to place ur order !

&& also, we will be upgrading and have our very own stamp for return address !! 
here's how the design looks like ! thanks to gleestamp !

its gonna be an exciting month ! 
we will also be doing our shoot outdoor for our upcoming collection !! 

& we have just started a new contest !
simply drop us a feedback (tell us how u liked our service!) / suggestion (tell us how we can improve !) here:
You can join be it you purchased from us or never purchased from us before !
& one of you will stand a chance to win our mystery gift !! 

continueee to support us !! ♥♥

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Saturday, 30 April 2011
preview for collection 8 High street chic @ 09:01


We are going to hunt for textiles to manufacture our own pouches and clutches !!
lots of exciting stuffs coming up !! 

join our mailing list at our blogshop if you dont want to missed !

collection se7en has already launched !
the bags are runnning fast. do place your order before its gone !

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Sunday, 10 April 2011
bio essence @ 10:11

Hi all, im selling this Bio essence bb cream which i just gotten a week ago. 
Brand new, not opened. 

bought another bb cream, therefore selling this ! 
$22. watson's retailing at $28.
additional $1 for postage.
pay within 12 hours at $22 + free normal postage !
interested buyers please email to (:

about us
you think you know me.

We are an online boutique based in Singapore. DecemberFlight started taking flight back in dec2010, we handpicked and source for apparels and accessories every fortnightly, catering to the teens and adult females in Singapore at affordable prices. DecemberFlight is slowly expanding our base to bring in more advance service and trendy apparels. Our apparels are mostly based on high street chic trends that we take reference from fashion magazines. We update our blog here with news/trends for all to read, occasionally, we also post a few behind-the-scenes to let you know what goes behind these beautiful pictures and styles ! We hope you like our items as much as we do, and we hope to serve you girls bigger and better in future. (:

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