Sunday, 22 May 2011
nail tool + wallet clutch @ 09:08

Hi hi people. 
introducing this awesome nail tool that i found !

its a nail dotting tool and its super cheap !

comes in 2 side, 1 for dotting and 1 sharper end.

because my nails are too ugly to show, hahahaha. here are some pics which are done by the dotting tool.
 you can paint leopard prints zebra prints or whatever prints you like with this east tool ! and also the dotting part is meant for polka dot designs.

 It's so awesome i need to share with everyone ! quit using toothpic or chopsticks to do your nail, this is much easier ! Wanna get it ?  $7.90 MAILED only !! jus drop us a email at with the title: Nail tool will do !! :)

thinking of manufacturing this wallet ! its so pretty and very zara to me. LOL ! 

the top part can put a poloraid picture ! but might leave this part out if we really do manufacture ... ?

6 card compartments. 

and coin compartment ! 

what do you think ?? 
of course if we do manufacture, it will not come in just blue !
im tihnking green, red, orange, yellow, nude, black, all the awesome block colours that are trending currently ! ^^
drop us a comment if you want us to manufacture @ our new chatbox on the left side. 

Ps: our stamp has arrived and ready to use ! be prepare to see them on your parcels ! ^^



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